Meet the Team

Dr. David Moeller is a NZ based clinician who has worked in medical settings since his teenage years. He is currently the CEO of Adjutant LTD.

Dr Moeller started by helping out in his father’s GP (General Practitioner) surgery while in high school, which inspired him to train as a paramedic and subsequently to study medicine and become a doctor. He became a Senior Emergency Physician and consultant of Family Medicine in Germany before immigrating to New Zealand in 2019 where he works as a vocationally registered GP.

With increasing time constraints and clinical pressures, Dr Moeller realised that some routine GP tasks needed to become more efficient. In 2023, he cofounded Adjutant LTD to bring YIHA (Your Intelligent Health Assessment) forms to NZ to help his colleagues deliver their best care and to find or maintain a sustainable work-life balance.

Dr Calum Patrick is a UK Clinician (general practitioner) and Full-Stack Developer responsible for developing the YIHA web app and Adjutant IT systems.

After spending time in general practice and acute care settings, predominantly in deprived communities, it became apparent that there wasn’t enough resource to deliver the desired level of care and that information technology was being underutilised.

Having worked on software and web development projects in the past, Dr Patrick cofounded Adjutant LTD to share the software he’d made, software which allows him to focus his time on areas where clinical decisions are required, with other clinicians.