So that you and your patients can spend more time on what matters.

We’re at the GP24 Conference in Wellington from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 July 2024

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Review. Assess. Organise.

We were founded by clinicians who understand that many consultations or administrative processes are repetitive. Many interactions are purely to gather data. We allow patients to provide their histories or complete forms in their own time and at their own pace so they, and you, can give time to the things that need it in consultations.

Data conscious

secure storage. Ethical use.

We don’t use third party software to collect patient data. Our software is designed from the ground up, line by line, so that patient data only passes through our servers. And we only store patient identifiable data for 2 weeks (which you can opt out of).


Scored 9.5 / 10. Consistently.

We ask for feed back on convenience and helpful features on both our patient-facing and staff-facing forms. We are rated over 9.5 / 10 for convenience on average by all parties that use our software. With our cloud software in the palm of your patient’s hands, we’re confident both you and your patients will find it useful.

More Information

How it works

Patients are sent a link through text or email and are walked through an online application. The information gathered is then emailed to the practice in a handy format. Click “view more” for details.

Available Applets

We build applets for chronic pathologies (reviews), acute or new presentations (assessments) and for administrative processes such as registration. Click “view more” for details.

Meet the Team

We’re a small, dedicated, specialist team. Adjutant was founded by clinicians to help remove the burden of repetitive work from practice staff and patients. Click “view more” to see the team.

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